“I’m not sure what the Club for Growth and I really have in common.”

- Sen. John McCain, CBS News, 3/3/07

Think Mike Huckabee is a socialist? Want to take your county back for the ultra rich? Join the Club for Greed today!

Congressman Toomey’s Wall Street career has taken him from New York to Hong Kong to Washington, D.C., where he first fought for Wall Street as a Member of Congress, then by running the Club for Greed Growth, an ultra-conservative, Wall Street-backed lobbying organization.

Members of the far left like Mike Huckabee have taken to calling it the Club for Greed, but there are some Republicans, real Republicans, who appreciate everything the Club has done to lose seats formerly held by Republicans and push Wall Street’s agenda. The Club endorsed its former President yet again this year; here are some of the other candidates that Congressman Toomey and the Club for Growth support:



The Candidate: Rand Paul
Candidate for: Senate, Kentucky

Opposes: The Civil Rights Act, campaign finance reform, the 14th Amendment, the American with Disabilities Act, the Departments of Energy and Education
Supports: Housing discrimination, building an underground electronic fence around our borders
Claims: “A free society will abide unofficial, private discrimination, even when that means allowing hate-filled groups to exclude people based on the color of their skin”

What the Club for Growth says: “The Beltway status quo’s worst nightmare”

The Candidate: Mike Lee
Candidate for: Senate, Utah

Opposes: The 14th Amendment, legislation eliminating co-payments for preventative health care, the Departments of Energy and Education
Supports: Taxpayers paying to cleanup the BP oil spill, a “flat” tax that favors the wealthiest Americans and places an unfair burden on small businesses
Claims: Lower and middle class (lower earning 50 percent of working Americans) don’t pay enough taxes to have “a stake in their government”

What the Club for Growth says: “Exactly what America needs and voters are looking for … a ‘principles politician’”

The Candidate: Ron Johnson

Candidate for: Senate, Wisconsin

Opposes: Making it easier for victims of childhood sexual abuse to sue their abusers, legislation prohibiting discrimination against children with pre-existing conditions
Supports: Drilling for oil in the Great Lakes
Claims: “I’m glad there’s global warming.”

What the Club for Growth says: “Accountable … the exact opposite of the current federal government”

The Candidate: Senator Tom Coburn

Candidate for: Senate, Oklahoma

Opposes: Protecting government whistleblowers, congressional ethics reform, raising the minimum wage above $5.15, equal pay for women, SCHIP
Supports: Warrantless wiretaps, tax subsidies for corporations which move factories and American jobs offshore
Claims: Airing Oscar-winning Holocaust film “Schindler’s List” took television “to an all-time low”

What the Club for Growth says: “Devoted … it is rare to see such unwavering principle”

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