All across the country, citizens are rightly worried about their health care. This country is headed down a dangerous path.

Congressman Toomey (R-Insurance Companies) wants to make it clear, he opposes provisions to:

  1. Stop insurers from dropping coverage when people get sick and denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions,

  2. Allow young people to remain on their parent’s insurance through age 26,

  3. Offer tax credits to help small businesses pay for premiums, and

  4. Give free preventative care for seniors on Medicare, eliminating co-payments and deductibles for preventative services, such as mammograms and hypertension screening.

We must fight for our most vulnerable citizens, the insurance and drug companies. Congressman Toomey has a long history of voting to protect them from the government’s attempts to “help seniors.”

  1. Cast the deciding vote to create the Medicare donut hole and add $372.5 billion to the deficit by not paying for Medicare Part D and opposed $250 checks given to seniors to help pay their medical bills

  2. Voted against funding a prescription drug benefit within Medicare and against establishing and establishing a Medicare prescription drug plan

  3. Opposed negotiating better prices for prescription drugs and voted against allowing the government to negotiate for them

  4. Voted against allowing FDA-approved, American-made prescription drugs to be re-imported from Canada at a lower cost for seniors

Finally, how will our children learn to fend for themselves when the government is giving handouts to the poorest among them? Congressman Toomey has long opposed SCHIP, “the embodiment of bloated, big government spending.”

“I can buy my car insurance from a little green lizard…”

- Congressman Toomey, 8/29/10, Johnstown

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