“I don’t want to be a member of the Club for Growth.”

- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Politico, 3/28/10

On the issues

Do you believe moderate Republicans are “an endangered species that muddies the conservative message?” Do you want to impose a right-wing litmus test on the Republican Party? Do you think presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and nominee John McCain should have run as Democrats? Do you wish there were some way you could help fight for Wall Street? Well, then the Club for Greed is right for you.

See what leading publications are saying about the Club:

  1. “Over the past decade, a group of Wall Streeters has quietly funneled money to politicians, think tanks and advocacy groups …their investment has paid off. Meet the bankrollers of the conservative counterestablishment.” [National Journal, 1/28/95]

  2. “Although the club is headquartered in Washington, its genesis was on Wall Street, where the bulk of its financial support still originates.” [New York Observer, 5/28/01]

  3. The Club’s “roots lie in a small group of Wall Street movers and shakers … that in the mid-1990s enjoyed ties to conservatives such as Newt Gingrich and Steve Forbes.” [Orlando Sentinel, 8/12/02]

  4. “The Club for Growth was formed in 1999 with significant backing from Wall Street … true to its original founding, it is driven by” Wall Street’s agenda. [Politico, 11/17/09]

  5. “A secretive group of New York financiers …The Club, many of whose leaders have Wall Street pedigrees, has raised more than $2 million while remaining shrouded in mystery, refusing to release its full membership list.” [Arizona Republic, 4/2/00]

Want to make a difference at your school? Start a chapter of the Junior Club for Greed!

  1. Privatize your state school!

  2. Protect your Trust Fund!

  3. Bust the teachers union!

  4. Petition for vouchers to get your classmates out of public school!

  5. Help end SCHIP to give you a health advantage over the poor kids!

  6. Fight to make sure you enter a workplace where Wall Street is in charge of your Social Security!


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