Pat Toomey has spent the last 25 years as Wall Street’s greatest ally. After graduating from Harvard, Pat went right to Wall Street, where he worked on some of the earliest currency swaps at Chemical Bank. He then helped start up Morgan Grenfell’s “serious derivatives operation.” Pat’s Wall Street career then took him to Hong Kong, where he helped a billionaire with a project on capital markets.

After a few years as a “hands-off” investor in a restaurant chain, Pat felt there was something missing from his life: fighting for Wall Street. Following the proud tradition of Herbert Hoover, he went to Washington. As a Congressman, Pat helped write the law that deregulated Wall Street, leading Derivatives Strategy magazine to write that, now the “industry can claim representation by one of its own.”

But deregulating Wall Street was not enough. Pat wanted to do so much more for Wall Street, but he could not do it alone. In 2000, Pat found a kindred spirit in George W. Bush. Together they thought, “we spend a lot of money on Social Security, why can’t we give some of that to Wall Street?” Unfortunately, they were unable to privatize Social Security, but Pat continues to fight for the cause.

After an unsuccessful run for the Senate, Pat faced a dilemma. He loved Washington and all of its special interests, but he also loved Wall Street. He was torn. So he did the one thing that combined his two loves, took over the ultra right-wing Wall Street special interest, the Club for Growth. Since then he has advocated for Wall Street in D.C. and around the country. He is running for the U.S. Senate to return his fight for Wall Street to the taxpayers’ dime. With your help, Pat will fly his private plane back to Washington and give Wall Street a Senator it can be proud of.

“[N]ow the derivatives industry can claim representation by one of its own.”

- Derivatives Strategy magazine on Toomey, 5/99

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