Congressman Toomey (R-Wall Street) asks that his supporters please stop referring to his retirement plan as “privatizing” Social Security. Now, don’t worry, his plan has not changed — he still wants to privatize Social Security by handing it over to Wall Street. But our pollsters tell us that seniors are afraid of privatization, and that they associate it with people losing half their savings in private retirement accounts in 2008.

We’ve come up with a few suggestions you can use instead:

  1. (The Plan Formerly Known As Privatizing)
  2. The Wall-Streetification of Social Security

  3. Gambling with Social Security

  4. Social Insecurity

Any of these terms is acceptable; and feel free to make up your own. Just don’t call it privatizing — even though it is.

- Team Toomey


“I’ve never said I favor ‘privatizing’ Social Security.”

- Congressman Toomey, 8/24/10

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