Social Security is one of our most valuable resources, our seniors depend on it for their livelihoods; it is much too important to trust to the federal government. We need to place it somewhere safe, somewhere profitable, somewhere where it will benefit Wall Street: Wall Street!

That is why Congressman Toomey (R-Wall Street) has called to privatize Social Security no less than 36 times. Privatization has no greater ally than Toomey: he has voted for it, spoken for it, written about it in his book, and toured the state fighting for it. His hometown paper even released an article titled “Toomey: Privatize Social Security.”

The government’s involvement in Social Security has gotten out of control, that’s why in Congress Toomey voted not only to privatize Social Security, but also voted to take hundreds of billions of dollars of its funds to pay for President Bush’s out-of-control budgets [for more on the Toomey-Bush debt-skyrocketing budgets, click here], voted against creating a Social Security Reserve Account, and even voted to restrict Social Security benefits by adding requirements for some workers to qualify for spousal benefits. No one will fight harder in the Senate to privatize your Social Security than Pat Toomey.

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Privatizing Social Security

“Toomey: Privatize Social Security”

- The Morning Call, 4/25/03

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